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Competition does not need to be scary and forms a hugely important part of yours or your child's development in tennis.

Tennislessons4u runs monthly adult tournaments, fun club events and also hosts LTA match plays. To get started for LTA tournaments you will need to sign up to a FREE LTA advantage account.



Competition reinforces learning in sessions! All the activities in our sessions link back to playing the game of tennis, so competing brings everything into perspective. You cannot replicate the feeling of competing in a competition and it will increase your love of the sport!

All of our core values underpin competition. You will build resilience through learning to both win and lose, learn to respect other players, quickly improve your tennis by facing new challenges and get that teamwork feeling through our fun team events!

Our four

core values

When should

I start?

It's never too soon! Tennislessons4u offers a range of competitions from beginner adult tournaments, parent + child events, team challenges and LTA tournaments. You will not win every tournament you enter! Our coaches are always ready to guide you to the right competition for you.

Tennislessons4u Events
(non LTA)

Entering LTA Events

LTA events are hosted at a range of venues and provide opportunities to play lots of different players and provide a new challenge for you!

However, entering them and knowing which one to pick can be a minefield on your first go. Coach Tom has created this short video to support you in entering your first event. 

LTA Tournaments

Competition Pathway (1).png

If you have any questions about competition, make sure to ask your coach at your next session!

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