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Cost of Junior Tennis

Find out about it here:

Tennislessons4u have created a fun and affordable way for all players to get involved in tennis, no matter their ability. We are transparent with costs and have a range of different options to suit everyone and their place on the Tennislessons4u Journey. Tennis doesn't have to be expensive, you can often pick up rackets from just £10!


Tennislessons4u have created a journey for all players, ensuring everyone is challenged and progressing at their own level. Players may always be 'club' players, but others may have goals of joining our Advantage Academy. Payments happen on a monthly direct debit so you do not need to pay up a full term, if you decide to stop their is just a 1 month cancellation period.

Club - Players generally start at this level

Pathway - For players who have progressed

and looking to play some matches

Academy - Our top tier, for players playing

regularly and entering tournaments 

Extra Costs?

The above costs cover all of your sessions at Tennislessons4u and you get some extra membership benefits. We also supply all the equipment for you, you are welcome to buy your own racket (between £10 - £30) but this isn't a 'must'. Tennislessons4u also offer clothing, once again it's a nice thing to have but it is completely up to you!


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