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Should my daughter join girls-only tennis lessons?

After the immense high of Emma Raducanu winning the US open there has been lots in the media about Girls in Sport. There has always been a stereotype and judgment around girls in sport, so what is the best way to combat this?

Maybe girls-only sessions are the way forward. The LTA have created a new initiative to introduce girls into tennis in a relaxed environment.

So why should you try girls-only tennis sessions for your daughter?

1) Build Confidence - Some girls may feel more comfortable practicing and playing tennis with other girls, which can help build confidence and make them feel more at ease on a tennis court. They will be more willing to take risks, try new things and push themselves.

2) Create a community - Meet other girls with similar interests, make new friends and create a sense of community and belonging. Our sessions focus on communication and teamwork as well as tennis skills

3) Strong Girls Club - Break down any barriers or stereotypes of girls in sport and smash it on court with no judgement. Our aim is to get girls enjoying tennis, whether it goes over the fence or the net, you have taken your first step!

4) Have Fun - Tennis is a fun and exciting sport that can be enjoyed by girls of all ages and skill levels. Participating in girls-only tennis can provide an enjoyable way to stay active, make friends and develop new skills.

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