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How much does tennis cost?

How much do child tennis lessons actually cost?

There is a common misconception that tennis is an expensive sport for upper class families. Tennislessons4u is here to break down those barriers to tennis and explain the real costs of getting into tennis, and you'll be more surprised how easy it is to get started!

1) Getting Started

Most clubs such as ours, offer free taster sessions. These free taster sessions cost nothing to join, the club supplies the equipment (including rackets) and you can just wear anything active and comfortable, no specialist tennis clothing needed! If you decide not to join that's ok, it hasn't cost you anything.

2) You decide to join

Great! If you decide to join after a free trial, you will be sent an email to set up a monthly direct debit. If your child would like to attend once a week it costs £25 per month which comes out on the 1st of each month. This works out at around £6.25 per session, this is in-line with other sports groups in the area. There are no start-up costs of minimum time you must join for, and if you decide to stop we will simply stop your monthly direct debit.

And if you miss a session, you can simply come along to another session to make it up.

3) Add-ons - Optional

There will always be rackets and equipment you can use at your session, however if you would like your own racket you can pick these up from places such as Sports Direct for £15!

You can also purchase Tennislessons4u Clothing (Not a requirement), and with t-shirts from £10 and hoodies for £20, these are also very affordable.

If your child is loving tennis and would like to play more regularly we have a range of options ranging from £25 per month to £80 per month, to suit everyone's budget and requirements.

We also offer sibling discounts if you both decide to join a lesson (it does not have to be the same session).

Find out a bit more from our Head Coach, Tom Littlewood, here:

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